Saturday, 23 March 2013

Easter Bonanza

We've been very quiet in this little corner of the blogosphere of late - for many reasons, but we are back now and what better way to come back than with a chocotastic Easter bonanza of a post!

We have are just about to go to hospital for William's annual transplant review. Many readers will remember that William had a small bowel transplant in 2008 and that food and eating is a huge part of our life. He wasn't allowed to eat till he was 4 and now eats somewhat irratically and sporadically and still depends on tube feed. One of the best ways to entice him to eat is to cook and play with food and, thanks to the fantastic folk at Lakeland  who always come up with the most amazing idea and products for children to cook and experiment with, that's just what we will be up to this Easter. Everyone is getting home made goodies.

One of our favourite things to make are cake pops - they are so easy in this fab cake pops maker.  Cakes in 5 minutes :).  It was lovely and easy for Wills to do.

Making the cupcakes 

Decorating them

and testing :) 

Not only have we made cake pops with them, we have also found that a batch with warmed golden syrup on top and some vanilla ice-cream makes a great and very fast pudding. I've seen some fantastic, artistic cake pops and it would be a great activity for any school holiday. Also great for summer school fetes.  William's teachers loved the batch we made for them at Christmas.

Wills gets very stressed about going into hospital, especially when he knows it will involve unpleasant and painful procedures. We are distracting him by beginning our great Easter Egg make. Wills really enjoyed pouring and painting the chocolate.

Lakeland have a fab range of Easter and Chocolate making products, including a really nifty little microwave chocolate melting pot and some yummy hot chocolate spoons which we are going to make over the Easter holidays. I have some ideas for those - some of which involve things like marshmallows but I'm also thinking of ways to add some special ingredients for adult only drinks...Bailey's, Brandy.... hmmmm.... watch this space.

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